What Kind of Carpet Do I Have?

When you talk to a carpet cleaner for the first time, they will ask you what type of carpet you have. If you don’t know what type of carpet you have, don’t worry. This article, and your carpet cleaner, can help you figure it out.

Most wall-to-wall carpeting is made out of synthetic fibers. Approximately 98% of wall-to-wall carpeting manufactured these days is synthetic. About 60% of this synthetic wall-to-wall carpeting is made out of nylon.

If you purchased wall-to-wall carpeting made out of wool, you would definitely remember that it is wool. Why? Because wool carpeting is very expensive and very high quality. If you made this kind of a purchase, you would know it.

If you have carpeting in your home that you didn’t purchase, there’s a test that you can perform that will tell you for sure whether it’s wool or synthetic. This test includes the use of fire!!!! Don’t worry, its very simple…

The “Burn Test” tells you what type of fiber made from by the way that it burns.

Now, don’t worry. You won’t burn the house down!

Cutting a small piece of your carpet fiber from inconspicuous area. Inconspicuous areas of your carpet are easily covered up, or they’re on the fringe or edge of the carpet. You only need a small fiber, don’t cut too much.

When you have your small piece of carpet fiber, pinch it with a pair of tweezers or a paper clip. With the tweezers or paper clip in one hand and a lighter in the other hand, light the end of the carpet fiber on fire.

This is best done outside in an area with good ventilation.

If your carpet is made from a synthetic fiber, it will melt and stick to the side of the lighter. If your carpet is made from natural fibers, it will burn and crumble.

You should also pay attention to the smell of the burning carpet fiber. If the burning fiber smells like celery, it is nylon. If it smells like asphalt, it is olefin. If it smells sweet, it is polyester. If it smells like burning paper, it is rayon. If it smells like charred meat, it is acrylic. If it smells like burning hair, it is wool

If you don’t want to do the Burn Test on your own, leave it up to your professional carpet cleaner. All IICRC certified carpet cleaning technicians are trained in the proper execution of the Burn Test. Most carpet cleaners will be happy to safely perform the burn test for you and tell you what your carpet is made of.