The Awesomeness of a Truck Mounted Machine

The truck mount hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine is, hands down, the most powerful, efficient, and effective machine for cleaning your carpets.  Truck mount machines have several advantages over other types of carpet cleaning machines.  These advantages benefit you and your home

One of the most important advantages of truck mount machines is their ability to produce serious heat.  Their powerful engines heat the water and cleaning solution that runs from the truck to the carpet in your home.  The amazing power of the truck mount machines can heat water up to temperatures of 230º and keep it that hot!  That is some serious heat.

Hot water is crucial for effective carpet cleaning.  Hot water speeds up the chemical reactions between the cleaning solution and the soils in your carpet.  The heat helps the solutions work more effectively by speeding up the reaction at a molecular level!

Very hot water also helps break down soils better than warm or cool water.  Rinsing the carpet with hot water dissolves the soils more effectively.  Think about it, do you wash your greasy dishes in hot water or cool water?  There is a similar process at work when a professional is cleaning your carpets.

Truck mount machines also benefit you because they allow your professional cleaner to keep all of the water outside of your home.  Your carpet cleaner can either use their own holding tank to clean your carpets.  Or, they can use water from your outdoor spigot and garden hose.  Keeping all of the water outside of your house means no mess or spills from filling or emptying the machine.

Another advantage of truck mount machines is they provide a more efficient cleaning.  When a professional carpet cleaner uses a truck mount machine to clean the carpets in your home, they will require less time to achieve a better clean.  Because the machine is mounted in their truck, the technician only has to bring clean hoses into your house to clean your carpet.  They do not need to bring in other machines, fill and empty tanks in your sink, or use your electricity to power the machine.  Less equipment in your house definitely makes for a faster cleaning.

The final important advantage of truck mount carpet cleaning machines is their unmatched vacuum power.  Truck mount machines can move a lot of liquid quickly.  This is measured in cubic feet per minute or CFMs.  Truck mount machines provide high CFM’s.  This means they can remove a huge amount of moisture from the cleaning process.  Removing a lot of water helps to minimize the drying time for your carpet.  It allows you to get back to your normal life enjoying your clean carpet quickly.

Having your carpets cleaned with a truck mount hot water extraction machine provides the most effective clean for your carpet in the shortest amount of time.  After a truck mount carpet clean, you’ll be enjoying your fresh carpets faster than you imagined.