I’m Having a Big Party. What Can I Do To Protect My Carpets?

Why? Food, drinks, shoes, feet.

What? Carpet protector with each cleaning, door mats, spot cleaner ready for next day, booties for the whole party…saran wrap the house!

One of the biggest concerns of anyone throwing a party is how the house will suffer from it! Images of apocalyptic mayhem flash before them, visions of the house falling down, and being destroyed by rowdy, red-wine-spilling guests haunt their dreams!!

Ok, maybe that’s taking it a little too far…

But, you are right to worry a little bit when you’re having people over for a party in your home, especially when it is a large group and you’ll be serving food and drinks.

Here are a some things that you can do to protect your carpeting when you’re throwing your annual bash…

Lets face it, you aren’t going to saran wrap the whole house and distribute protective footwear at the door to all of your guests…

A door mat is a great place to start. Door mats can collect up to 70% of soils that would otherwise be entering your home. Make sure there are a couple of door mats on the way into your house. Place one outside just in front of your door and another one or two inside in the immediate entryway. These mats will provide your guests with ample opportunity for guests to wipe their feet completely!

When you have your regular 6 month or 12 month carpet cleanings, make sure your carpet cleaner applies a carpet protector. Carpet protectors add stain resistance and soil resistance to the carpets by coating the fibers with an added layer of protection. It is much easier and more feasible to get a stain out of a carpet that has been treated with a carpet protector. Applying a carpet protector is a must for preventing future stains and heavy soiling.

You should also be prepared to get up any stains either while they happen, that very same night, or, at most, the next day. Make sure you have spot remover, fresh and clean white terry cloths, and some fans. Stains set in relatively quick and it is always easier to remove a stain right away.

There is really no one way to protect your beautiful carpets when you are entertaining. However, with a few simple, easy, and affordable steps, you can prevent your party from becoming a carpet disaster!