2 Important Steps Your Carpet Cleaner Can Take to Ensure Your Carpets Dry as Quickly as Possible

Hot water extraction is the best and most thorough method in carpet cleaning.  When you think about hot water extraction carpet cleaning, you may be wondering how wet your carpet will be after the cleaning and how long it will take to fully dry.  The truth is, there is no way to remove 100% of the water during the cleaning.  No truck mount machine is that powerful.  However, there are two important steps that your carpet cleaner can take to speed up the time it takes for your carpets to dry.

First, your carpet cleaner will remove as much of the water from the cleaning and rinsing processes as possible with the Rotovac 360i.  They will pass the Rotovac 360i over the carpet with the suction on.  This allows them to remove as much moisture as they can into their waste tanks.  This additional time with the Rotovac 360i will definitely remove a lot of moisture from your carpets.  But, even with this step, your carpets will still not be completely dry.

The second important step that your carpet cleaner will take to speed the drying of your carpets is to encourage airflow around the carpets.  The only way to fully dry the carpets from this point is by air drying them.  The most efficient way to encourage airflow around your carpets is to strategically place fans throughout the cleaned area.  Dri-Pod fans are an excellent solution for maximum airflow.  Dri-Pod fans are small and portable yet extremely powerful.  They push air in 360º from the base instead of in just one direction, and this really gets the air moving around your carpets!

Your carpet cleaner will place several Dri-Pod fans in a room immediately after they’ve finished cleaning it.  Running several fans at a time allows the carpet cleaning technician to encourage airflow over the entire cleaned area, which significantly reduces the time it takes your carpet to dry.

If your carpet cleaner does not use fans to encourage airflow around your carpets, your carpets will still dry on their own.  However, it could take 12 hours or more for your carpets to dry without any increased airflow.  The strategic placement of drying fans as part of the cleaning service reduces the total drying time for your carpet and helps you get your home back in order quickly!